Two Gift Basket Ideas For The Ultimate Foodie

6 April 2016
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Articles


Do you have someone in your life who qualifies as the ultimate foodie? Buying a gift for such a person can be challenging. One of the best approaches is to give them not one single gift, but rather a gift basket of smaller, food-related gifts related to a single theme. You can pick a theme you already know your loved one is interested in, or a theme you think they might be unfamiliar with but would like to experience more. Here are two basket themes and some ideas for assembling them.

Coffee-Lovers Basket

Who doesn't love a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning? The foodie in your life will enjoy trying new coffees from various companies and locations and also adding various ingredients to make more unique coffee-based beverages. A good, basic coffee-lovers basket should include the following items:

Coffees from at least 3 different countries (so your recipient can compare the flavors). If your recipient has a Keurig coffee brewer, consider buying K-cups online. Otherwise, opt for ground coffee (or whole beans if you know they have a grinder).

A pair of clear, glass coffee mugs. The experience of drinking coffee is even more indulgent when you can see the brew through a clear mug.

Turbinado sugar. This less-refined sugar has a subtle molasses flavor and will add an extra layer of interest to your favorite foodie's coffee.

Dark chocolate shavings. Another lovely addition to coffee, dark chocolate can be stirred into brewed coffee to make a quick mocha-style beverage or sprinkled on top of the coffee as a tasty and attractive garnish.

A book about coffee: Give your foodie the chance to learn more about this popular beverage. Check out books like Coffee Story: Ethiopia by Majka Burhardt -- especially if you've included Ethiopian coffee K-cups in your basket. Other options like Life is Espresso by Katsu Tanaka are educational choices.

Salt Gift Basket

There are few foods which are not improved by the addition of salt. A salt-themed gift basket will include items your favorite foodie can use daily while cooking and eating. You'll want to include:

Kosher salt: This is a common cooking salt that your recipient probably already owns but can always use more of since it is well-suited for most every dish from popcorn to roast beef.

Himalayan pink salt: Often sold in big bricks with a little grinder, this salt is loaded with healthy minerals including iron and iodine. Its pink color makes it an attractive addition to your recipient's table, and its mild flavor makes it a good choice for finishing dishes.

Flaked sea salt: The flaky crystals of this salt have the perfect shape to adhere to meat and accelerate the caramelization process during pan frying or sauteing. Flaked salt also looks attractive on top of candies and appetizers.

Pickling salt: Free from iodine and other additives, pickling salt is virtually pure sodium chloride. It's the best choice for pickling and for making other fresh, non-cooked dishes.

Some salt dishes: A few little pinch dishes in white porcelain or clear glass make a lovely addition to your basket. Your foodie friend can use them for serving salt on the table or for holding individual portions of salt that have been pre-measured for cooking.

A book about salt: Look for some educational books, such as Salt: A World History by Mark Kudansky and The Salt Book: Your Guide to Salting Wisely and Well, with Recipes by David Glynn and Fritz Gubler.

Salt and coffee are two food items that appeal to many people, so you can be assured that the foodie in your life will enjoy a basket with either of these themes.