4 Creative Wedding Ideas For The Board Game Lover

3 November 2015
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Even in today's digital age, there is still a large passion for the world of board games. Whether it's classic trivia or involved role-playing, couples often bond over their love of a game. If this applies to your relationship, then you can take things one step further by including a board game theme to your wedding festivities. The following four board game themes incorporate all aspects of a wedding including the ceremony, reception, and plenty of fun for the guests.

Seating Symbols

As guests arrive for the wedding, they often receive name cards to indicate seat numbers or aisles. This is done for both the ceremony and reception. Instead of basic name cards, you can infuse a lot of board game themes into the design.

For the ceremony, you can designate each aisle with different board game cards. For example, aisles can be assigned as the Community Chest, Chance, or Property Cards from Monopoly. Other rows can feature lands from Candyland, or features from a variety of other board games.

During the reception, each table can be assigned a different board game. For example, you can assign a table as the "Trivial Pursuit" table. Name cards for the seating can feature custom Trivia Pursuit questions, typically ones that have to do with you and your spouse.

Board Game Runner

Instead of walking down the aisle the traditional way, you can turn it into a life-size board game. By purchasing a blank runner, you will have the ability to customize and turn it into a fun board game theme.

Paint and markers are best applied to the runner. For example, you can start on the first space and label it with "Move 3 Steps Forward to Get Married." Include fun bonus steps like "Collect Rings" and other elements that mix both weddings and board games.

Make the runner even more interactive by purchasing large fuzzy dice. As you or your spouse make their way down the aisle, the dice can be rolled to represent the moves down the aisle. It's another fun novelty to add to the board game theme.

Cake Toppers

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a board game them at your wedding is with the cake topper. There are numerous ways to represent a wedding with cake toppers that can represent a loving couple. One of doing this is with board game character tokens.

A number of games feature human characters or animals that can represent a bride and groom. For example, Monopoly tokens of both a cat and dog can be used to represent a bride and groom. Other pieces like general board game pawns can be used as cake toppers. If you and your significant other love to play word games, then letter tile pieces can be used for the cake topper.

As an alternative to the real pieces, you can work with cake designers to help plan out edible cake topper designs that replicate the board game tokens. The design can be taken one step further as cupcakes, appetizers, and other parts of the meal feature the same design.

Wedding Favors

Encourage board game playing for your guests through the wedding favors that you choose to leave at tables. Full-sized board games would cost a lot if you gave one to every guest, so there are alternative options when planning different favors.

  • Keychain Games: These are miniature versions of various board games. The games are great little novelties and a variety of styles can be purchased. This includes word games, puzzle games, or multi-player games.
  • Edible Games: Purchase small little chocolate versions of popular games. For example, chocolate versions of trivia games feature the trivia questions on the outside of the package.
  • Custom Playing Cards: Order a bulk set of custom playing cards that is dedicated to your wedding. The back side of the cards can feature your names, wedding date, and even a picture.

Work with wedding services and venues, such as Elmcrest Banquets by Biancalana, to plan out all your board game experiences. The more you prepare, the easier it will be to implement everything for your special day.